İletişim Anasayfa

From General Manager

Following a strenuous and successful year, we are getting closer to our vision of “Becoming a Brand Inspiring the Sector and All Stakeholders” every other day. We have closely monitored the development in Turkey and the world and worked hard in order to steer the future of Kayseri and contribute to the regional economy for 15 years.

No country is immune to the economic and political effects of current developments with the energy industry arising from the gradually increasing energy consumption in the world, including Turkey. We, Kayserigaz, closely monitor those developments and take necessary actions to meet the consumer demands safely.


We continued to expand our geographical boundaries in 2017. In that respect, Kayserigaz continued to make investments in peripheral districts outside downtown areas throughout the year. Hence, the company increased its subscriber base to more than 488,000 NIU according to the year-end figures. Kayserigaz also broke records in terms of investment as a result of undertaking the highest infrastructural investment ever in the last 2 years. The total length of natural gas lines increased to 4,274 km as the company laid new lines of 516 km in 2017.
While contributing to upholding the life standards of the residents of Kayseri, we act with due awareness of the inherent risks of our industry. We, Kayserigaz, take utmost care to protect the safety of life and property of our subscribers as we continue to work diligently to bring natural gas to every household. In that regard, we checked 2,944,842 meters of main lines and 865,481 meters of service lines throughout the year. We are proud of the fact that we did not discover even the slightest gas leakage in the grid during the inspection. We owe this success to the professional and diligent efforts of our teams.
We are well aware of the importance of each link in the service chain from safe and uninterrupted natural gas supply to smooth and fast collection processes in order to increase customer satisfaction. Kayserigaz also increased the number of collection points in 2017. Currently, the company provides a total of 334 collection points comprised of 182 bank offices, 63 PTT offices, 60 Smart Pay Offices, 28 special payment points and 1 pay office. The transaction figures and volumes prove the professional design and power of the service platform created for Kayserigaz.

As a company that does not confine itself to natural gas supply, we are proud of undertaking a number of corporate social responsibility projects. We do our best to support any project that is meant to promote the common good of the society.
In 2017, we organized training events as part of a training project conducted with Erciyes University in order to support the university students in their efforts to become the technicians of the future based on the awareness of the fact that the quality of professional services is highly dependent on the quality of education.
We are also aware of the importance of fine arts for the progress of a society. Accordingly, we organized “Fabric of 2 Cities”, a photo exhibition comprised of the most fascinating photos of Kayseri, in Kayseri High School and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.
We did not neglect our children who are the architects of our children and organized kids’ theatre shows with our mascot, Dolgi. We, Kayserigaz, make efforts to raise awareness in children about the importance energy saving practices.
At Kayserigaz, we received one more award on account of our social responsibility efforts in 2017 which helped us to reinforce our robust reputation in the industry thanks to our social responsibility projects in addition to our activities in the market. In 2017, the company was awarded the “Golden Valve” prize owing to its Book Collection Campaign in the 8th Energy Summit of Turkey.
Also, we organized a Toy Collection Campaign to further support the dreams of children in 2017. Employees of Bursagaz, EWE Enerji, Enervis and Millenicom, all of which are affiliates of EWE Turkey Holding, contributed to the campaign initiated by Kayserigaz. We took the toys to the kindergartens in Develi, Yeşilhisar and Yahyalı, districts within our license zone.


We do our best to serve the benefits of people in Kayseri by investing in the city according to the requirements of residents. Our robust technological infrastructure and customer satisfaction of 99% are the indicators of our philosophy to provide outstanding services. We are proud of changing the lives of people positively with our services thanks to the effective investments and projects of the company. 
Our unchanging goal is to provide the best services to the residents of Kayseri. We undertook the ground breaking ceremony for the new premises of the company in December 2017. Kayserigaz shall focus on maintaining a service oriented approach which shall uphold the customer satisfaction and further reinforce the value proposition with the help of the current technological infrastructure of the new premises. We plan to move to the new premises by the end of 2018.

We completed a year full of successful projects. We believe that 2018 will take our industry further ahead by means of innovative projects. In that respect, we utterly depend on the painstaking efforts of our team of professionals who are among the best in the industry, the unconditional support of our stakeholders and unshakable trust of the people of Kayseri.
I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to express my special thanks to all employees, business partners and subscribers for their invaluable contribution to our success in 2017.